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轉自國外pop營銷賣點The Growing Market for Point-of-Purchase Graphics

作者:Dan Halk… 文章來源:internet 點擊:更新時間:2007-2-8 16:25:56

pop art介紹營銷:POP is an easy value-added service to add to your mixThe term point-of-purchase, or POP, typically refers to the promotional graphics focused on influencing consumer behavior at the moment of the purchasing decision. These graphics pop art have a very important purpose: to impact a buying decision in favor of a specific brand or product in-store where the purchase is imminent.

POP is increasingly becoming one of the more important aspects of advertising and promotion, because of its efficiency in targeting the consumer in the actual buying environment, the decline of network television viewership and newspaper readership, and the stark reality of recession-sized ad budgets.

According to a report issued by analyst firm I.T. Strategies, wide-format POP signage is estimated to be a $7.6 billion market. The Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute predicts that in-store advertising accounts for 53-60 percent of consumer purchases, and the 2002 POP Buyers Report issued by Point of Purchase Magazine states that annual POP spending is estimated at over $17 billion, or 7.1 percent of the overall $240 billion spent on ads in the United States. Additionally, they predict POP advertising to grow nearly 20 percent over the next five years.

Point-of-purchase is an industry that demands our attention for a number of obvious reasons:

?Tight, perfect models and prototypes are absolutely necessary to gain approval for large-scale POP projects and programs;

?Short, custom print runs for market testing can precede full production;

?National, regional and local retailers want customized POP that differentiates them from their competitors;

?PSA signage fits so many applications ?wall, window, shelf, floor and vehicle decals;

?As integral to the marketing mix as POP is, it抯 often overlooked and becomes the last component ordered for a promotional campaign ?so it needs to be done yesterday卭r, as we call it, on-demand;

?POP in-store needs to go up and come down quickly and easily.

As large format graphics producers, we can make valuable contributions to brand marketers, POP display fabricators and traffic-conscious retailers by creating attention-getting and purchase-motivating prototypes and production of in-store marketing materials.

Distinctive POP Apps
By using your company抯 current large format digital printing capabilities, POP applications can easily be added to your product offering. Retailers are always looking for some new and interesting way to catch the consumer抯 eye, beyond typical matte paper signage. Why not try creating in-store promotional signage on a variety of innovative materials that will differentiate you in the eyes of your prospective POP client, as well as their target audience? For example, by using an inkjet-printable floor graphic product in combination with a non-skid protective overlaminate, you can use your printer to produce safe floor decals for brand or retailer marketing in high-traffic environments such as grocery stores, department stores and discount stores.

In-store fabric signage has been gaining popularity, because of the distinctive soft look and feel and the ability to see merchandise through the signage. Fabric graphics can be created with woven polyester media. Examples of POP soft signage include banners, danglers, flags, window displays and mobiles.

Repositionable adhesive backed media makes it possible to create a display wherever there is a suitable surface協rom windows to delivery trucks. Don抰 forget corrugated and other rigid boards, the mainstay of the POP industry. Image photo-quality graphics on Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) photobase, polypropylene or matte paper and mount them to board stock to create standees, or mount them onto pre-cut and scored dump bins.

Package Deal
An example of a specialized application that print providers can offer brand marketers is package prototypes ?for selling concepts to management or testing package designs in consumer focus groups. These can be easily created using a large-format printer in combination with a media option such as an inkjet imageable, sealable vinyl that can be heat sealed at the edges to produce soft package mock-ups ?or an inkjet image transfer media that can transfer its image, through a lamination process, onto standard offset stocks or box blanks for boxed goods, resulting in true-to-life packaging prototypes, standees or digitally imaged pop-up displays.

To influence buying behavior in or at the end of the aisle, end-caps and base wraps can be produced on-demand using anything from photobase to polycarbonate. Ceiling danglers printed on photobase, polypropylene or banner stock are an easy and effective solution to guiding shoppers toward products on shelves.

Other popular POP graphics created with large-format printers are counter cards, themed wall coverings, vehicle wraps and backlit menu boards. Another advantage large-format printing brings to the point-of-purchase market is the ability to cost-effectively produce supplemental or replacement production-run units without having to go back on press.

POP Customers?
The companies that buy point-of-purchase display graphics and in-store advertising are typically retailers such as restaurants, apparel merchants, footwear companies, automotive dealers and supply stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, music and video stores, tobacco retailers, toy stores, sports and hobby stores and beer/wine/liquor establishments. Brand marketers and POP fabricators round out the range of prospects. Think of the last time you visited any of the types of establishments mentioned above ?did you see banners? Ceiling danglers? Themed wall coverings in the coffee shop or deli? Directional posters advertising premium merchandise or specials? Thousands of marketers are buying POP signage, and these are all examples of output that your business can be selling right now!

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